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Change how Season Folders are named on DLNA


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Morning all,

I'd like to propose a change to the way season folders are named in the DLNA structure.
Currently after selecting a show from the DLNA listing you are presented with a season folder list named with the following formatting

* Show Name - Season 01
* Show Name - Season 02



I'd like to propose that the Show Name prefix is removed from the way this info is served to a DLNA client. The reason being is that for long show names my TV cuts off the end of the text and for a show with 30+ seasons I have to count down each one in the list to find the right season. I feel that the show name is superfluous data anyway since the show has already been selected and the current directory name will typically show at the top of the list.

Further, individual episodes don't get the show name or season number added to them, only the episode number and episode name, so by changing how the season folders are named we'd be making the data presentation more consistent at each level.

looking forward to hearing your thoughts

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In the web app it shows it as so:


in DLNA it shows it as:



thats taken from VLC on my computer, but its the same on my TV, only then you can't read anything past "The Simpsons - Seas..."

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20 minutes ago, Luke said:

Ok we do this by design for episodes, but i guess it's not needed for seasons. thanks.

thanks for the feedback, is this something that can be changed in a future update then?

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