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Emby addon Landscape not showing


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Hi all!

I am new to emby, I decided to install it to have a centralized library for all my devices.

Currently before open this topic I tried to search in the forum without success, the issue (if we can call it issue) is that from Kodi 18.5 app on my firestick 4K primary images , the background landscapes of movies are not showing.

if I use the standard builtin Kodi scraper The Movie Database they appear.

skin: Aeon nox  Silvo  

Maybe I have a wrong setup of the server, but I double checked in library advanced settings that the correct type of data was selected. Can you help me to find what I am doing wrong?

thanks in advance for your time and patience.


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Is the artwork available on the emby-server? Are you using native or plugin mode for emby4kodi plugin?

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yes artwork are availables, if i select a movie and I go to “edit images” primary , logo and so on are there.

I am using plugin mode.

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