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Cannot play flac music

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I have some flac files ripped from my favourite CDs. Please get the error content in attachment.

Can work well on Emby android TV app or Emby web with Chrome browser, only cannot on LG TV.

If I plug my HDD directly to the TV, I can still play these files.

At the Emby server settings, I have turned off this option:

Enable hardware acceleration when available: No

For user settings, I keep everything as default.


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Hi there, can you please attach the emby server log from when you tried to play? Thanks.

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How is it going?

Just update one thing. I have tried to revert the Enable hardware acceleration when available to Yes but no luck, the error is still there.

Also try to play them via DLNA on the TV, but still the error.

Hope that you can support me, as I tend to play flac music most of the time.

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