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Metadata / catalogue images cleansed


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I'm returning to Emby after a few years with Plex and other platforms. Love the configurability of Emby vs other platforms - kudos to the team.

What seems to be screwing up the experience for me is the reset of metadata and folder images. This is what initially convinced me to leave Emby for others.

I spend considerable time customising the images for various video catalogues, use tags and craft a web of permissions... one day I log in and *puff* gone. Images reset to the automated images pulled from videos, tags nowhere to be found. <Enter anger management>

So this happened to me again. My platform is now Linux rather than FreeBSD. Versions ++ as well.

Why is this happening? No, I don't think we need logs and deep analysis. Not if it's happening across many Emby releases and different software platforms. Is this a setting? Is there a process which overrides what I configure?

Suggestions and comments most welcome.

Thanks in advance and take care. :)


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(1) Upload a custom folder image for a specific video folder. Image accepted, displayed correctly, etc.

(2) Set up custom tags - e.g. "friendsok" or "familypermissible". Done.

(3) Works for some time - e.g. 2 - 4 weeks.

(4) Log in at some point and images and tags are gone. Image reverted to the auto-generated image. Tags wiped.


- No config changes take place during this period

- No updates are installed during this period

- No additional users, permissions changes,... virtually zero change


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Can you go over a specific example to show structure.  But it sounds like applied image via UI did not save to the actual folder and gets dynamically erased.  Not sure on folder metadata though.

@Luke aren't tags applied to items not folders?

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@Happy2Play - very interesting point. The video folders are locked via filesystem flags so this might be an issue. Given that the images saved OK I thought Emby had written them elesewhere. Perhaps this is not true.

@cayars - unsure what you mean. How would I lock them?

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