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Android TV too many errors message


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Several Attempts to play MTP Daily S2020E208 2020-10-15-1659 on the Shield Emby Client at around 13.03 failed after about 1 second with a spinner and a "too many errors" message.

Playing the same  program through the WebUI worked normally.

After waiting for running scheduled tasks to finish, I stopped the server from the WebUI dashboard and then restarted the Shield.

The program then played normally on both devices.

I have additional ffmpeg-directstream logs from playback attempts, all of which show the same "[q] command received. Exiting." message as the attached example.  

embyserver-63738364009.txt ffmpeg-directstream-9f6c548a-4f2f-47bb-9649-1494adb0b393_1.txt

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On 10/16/2020 at 3:18 PM, ebr said:

Hi. Your server is running on the Shield too?

If you can reproduce this situation, please send a log from the app right after it happens.


Emby for Android TV/Fire TV and Emby for Roku Logs
These apps have the option to send an app log to us electronically.  You enter the settings page and turn on the "Debug Options".  Now there will be a new tile on your home page settings row (or menu option on the user menu at the top) labelled "Send Log".  Reproduce your problem and then use this button to send the log.  Then add the following information to your report in the forum:
  • Exactly what you were doing and what happened.  Include the name of whatever you played if it is a playback problem
  • The time you sent the log (in Eastern Time please - UTC -5)
  • The name of the Emby user on the local server that was logged in at the time

Yes, the server is running on the Shield Pro as well.   Not at all sure how I triggered this behavior, but If I see it again I'll try to get the logs

If by "enter the settings page" that article means clicking on the little gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen, that page looks like this:


,,,and none of those pages appear to have a way to turn on "Debug Options".   Where did I go wrong?   ....and can I get to Emby Client logs through an SMB connection to the Shield?

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