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Find Duplicate Files - Windows - Powershell


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This is a simple one line script to highlight duplicate files - By NAME

How to use the script

Very briefly - I am assuming you know how to run a PS Script - if you dont Google it.

Run this script from the root of say your movies directory via the powershell console window (not the Powershell ISE if using PS5) - script is recursive so will find all movies

It may take a few seconds or minutes to look through all directories - depending on the number of files and speed of the pc.

File types searched for mkv, mp4, avi and ts - but if necessary you can add others

It will produce a txt file called ... drum roll ...Duplicates.txt - the file will be located in the same location as the script file and will get overwritten with each run.

If the file is empty after the script completes - then no duplicates found - otherwise it will contain the duplicate movies  (by name)

example output of a duplicate


with a duplicate "count" will be 2 or higher etc - "Group" will attempt to list the paths to each duplicate but if you have many files it will get truncated eventually.

If like me you have numerous extras - some are likely to be named the same - e.g. Behind the Scenes - so you will get false positives.


I have not filtered the search to exclude trailers, extras directories as you could have genuine duplicates there or misplaced files etc but it can easily be done.

Also the search is case insensitive


Unzip the above and find your duplicates!

Have Fun

PenkethBoy 15/10/2020

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Amazing for a 1 line script - and fast too.  Great work @PenkethBoy .. 

I'm now going to butcher it so it automatically scans all my media areas not just the directory it's run from .. 🤪

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This may be a silly question, but if I put this in my media directory, will it find movies inside of subfolders? All of my movies are organized into folders such as the example below.


Media/H/Halloween (2018) - 1080p/Halloween (2018) - 1080p.mkv


Basically, if I put the script in the Media folder, would it scan down into the other folders to find the duplicates?


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