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Wrong audio track when not using subs

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I'm getting a different audio track when not using subtitles (PGS) for the original file. If I'm not using subs, I'm getting the audio description track, trying a different audio track doesn't solve it (english is frech, spanish is italian, italian is mandarin and so on). However, when I turn on the subs, I get the "regular" audio track (which is what I want) but then, Emby needs to transcode the file, which downgrades the quality of the film.

Is there some kind of setting I'm not selecting correctly?

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The Native LG player silently skips an audio track if it cannot play it and plays the next available track that it can.  It does not report this back to emby unfortunately.    I suspect the first Audio track is likely uncompressed - ie True-HD or DTS-HD ?  

Have you tried selecting the alternative Audio track before you play - this usually works ok.

The reason selecting subs 'works' is because it is all transcoded/remuxed, and thus does not go directly to the LG player.


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