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Question about my library metadata settings


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As you can see in the image below, Emby keeps misidentifying this show.  The folder location is "\\server\Media\TV\Archer (2009)".  Even if I manually identify it by utilizing the IMDB ID or TVDB ID, it will still populate with metadata for this other random TV show called "To Shoot Without Shooting."  I've tried removing the faulty overview, faulty AniDB ID (7000), MyAnimeList ID (7477), and Zap2It ID (EP01216702), faulty Sport and Anime genres, and the faulty "People" that that it keeps inserting into it, but when I Refresh Metadata and have it only search for Missing Metadata, it reinserts all that faulty data back into.  I've attached the logs for when I click on "more">Identify.

How do I fix this?

Edit: I was able to resolve this by re-prioritizing the Metadata Downloaders for my "TV" library.  "AniDB" was #1 on all of them for some reason, so I moved it to last and now it's correctly identifying the show.



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