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[Tutorial]Downgrade from DSM 7.0 to DSM 6.2.3

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Many people have upgraded DSM7.0, but Emby is no longer available, so here's how to downgrade from DSM7.0 to DSM6.2.3.

1. Get putty ready

2. DSM7.0 opens Telnet and SSH

3. Use puTTY to connect to DSM7, enter the user password, and enter the following command code:

vi /etc.defaults/VERSION

4.Overwrite VERSION content:


5.Reboot the machine

6.Use the Synology Assistant to find the machine

7.Install DSM 6.2.3(At this point, the upgrade will prompt an error, don't worry, because at this point, Telnet port will be opened, and only after this step, can port 23 be opened, repeat point 3, but the user name: root password is: 101-0101)

8.Just install 6.2.3 again. It is recommended not to keep the configuration (the file will not be lost), and DSM7 has been successfully degraded to DSM6.2.3

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