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Synology DSM7.0 Beta & emby

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@Luke Thanks. Is the attached any use? Also, this was psoted on the Synology boards:

Hi fellow developers,

First of all, thank you all for your passion and interest in developing packages on our platform.

As you may already know, DSM 7.0 has made several changes to the framework, so the current version of all third-party packages are incompatible with it. We have lowered the privilege level for third-party packages to run as a user rather than root. So package installation will not succeed if the package's privilege settings do not go with our new rules. For more information on the changes, check the Developer's Guide, which will be provided once you made an application mentioned later.

DSM 7.0 is still in its Preview stage, so the public resource for development cannot be provided yet. However, we're more than thankful for the developers who have shown interest in updating their packages to be compatible with the new DSM version. And this is why we're offering an easier way for you to get the resources you might need (Here we use SynoCommunity developers as the example): 

1. Find the Inquiry form (https://www.synology.com/support/developer#apply).
2. Enter 'SynoCommunity' as the company name.
3. Enter your developer's name on Github as the contact person.
4. Enter the package name.

Once you send the application, we'll reply to you with the resources for development shortly after. 
Thanks again for your continuous support for Synology.


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