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Latest on EHS stopped working

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Server Version 3.0.5309.26857


Server logs are too big to upload and don't date back to when it started anyway.





Episodes have been added daily all month BUT Media Browser Classic stopped showing new episodes under "Latest" on the EHS past the 2nd July. Many episodes still appear on the latest screen but only leading up to the 2nd (20x or however many it is up to this date and not past it).


New episodes have definitely been added in the past weeks - I've been watching them! I can find them in Media Browser under Series > Season but it's obviously shit trying to work out what's new without the Latest view working.

It's the same story in Classic, Theatre, Win8, Android and Web - the same "Latest" episodes leading up to but not past 2/07/14.


I have tried restarting the server and removing and re-adding the TV Shows collection to no avail. Same set of episodes dating up to the 2nd displayed - I'm at a loss.

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Please don't double post in multiple forum areas.  We can move topics if they need to be in a different place.


Look at one of the affected episodes in the metadata manager.  What is in the Date Added field?

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I realised it probably wasn't appropriate in the last thread but couldn't work out how to delete it.


It says 16/01/2000. I use Media Center Master to process new downloads but I couldn't find anything in the settings that relates to date Metadata. The system clock is correct.

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Is this because it's Australian date format? I've been running Media Center Master and Media Browser together for years on the system setup to Australian regional settings and never had an issue

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Thanks for the clue - I've tracked the problem down to incorrect date on the NAS.




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