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few popular channels seem to be missing from XMLtv Sydney feed

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Very grateful of this service but a few popular channels seem to be missing from the Sydney feed:
SBS viceland
ABC kids
the Channel 10 channels

They do play ok, just no guide data.

All the others main ones seem to be displaying including channel logos e.t.c all nicely.


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Have you mapped the channels in Live TV > TV Guide Data Providers > Guide Data?   I looked at the XML file and only checked the ABC Comedy channel;,  but it does have program data for it.




Excerpt from the XML file:

<programme start="20200904073300 +1000" stop="20200904074100 +1000" channel="22.yourtv.com.au">
<title>Dog Loves Books</title>
<sub-title>Dog Loves Cheshire Cat</sub-title>
<desc>Dog and Pug go to Buckingham Palace where they meet Queen Victoria. She is looking for her mysterious Cheshire cat, who keeps disappearing. Pug tempts him out with a saucer of cream.</desc>
<episode-num system="SxxExx">S2020E904</episode-num>
<episode-num system="xmltv_ns">2019.903.</episode-num>


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Perfect! I didn't even know that mapping channels page existed.

Bonus question... is there a way i can disable some of the channels we are never interested in from showing up on the Emby guide?

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The only way to do so within Emby as of now is to  remove unwanted channels from the M3U link.  Improved channel mapping is supposed to be planned for a future update, but as of today it isn't there

Afterthought:  Actually you can use xteve or an online paid editor to reorder and/or remove unwanted channels, but it takes a little more time and effort or money.,  I myself use EPG for IPTV for $12 per year and to me its well worth it.

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Yes just looking for a simple feature to 'hide' some unwanted channels in the Emby TV guide that's all.

Looks like a simple feature request if the Emby dev team are watching this.

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xTeVe is free and pretty simple to install and use, and will let you do just that, as well as to change the numbering and order in which the channels appear.

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I have been paying for the IceTV guide in Australia all this time at $4 a month.

Due to Covid, I have lost most of my work and need to cut costs where I can, so I thought I would again try this free xml guide data.

When I tried ages ago it was repeating the same show on channel 10 over and over.

I just loaded this guide data now and it looks better, however I notice it thinks that some shows are repeats, and hence will not record them as that is how I set it up.

Note - I am using the gold coast data feed.

For example, SAS Australia tonight and the Block tonight are showing as repeats, when they definately are not - if I do not rectify that - the wife will kill me!!!!!

Note - this is NOT an emby issue - just noting the difference between the paid for xml data and the free data in australia.  I have gone through and changed all my schedules to records all 'around time xxxx' to not miss stuff.

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