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Dolby Vision / Atmos


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Wondering what the general state is regarding both of the above in Emby.

Most of my watching is via a Sony TV KD-55X9000F, fed by a Shield (just got a 2019 model) and sound out to a Samsung HW-N850 with extra rear speakers.

I'm 99% certain I get HDR but never Dolby Vision. The only Atmos I've ever played (according to the display on the front of the soundbar), is from Dobly Atmos demo files.

Should I expect anything more ?

I'm playing ripped 4K movies done via MakeMKV and the result is a (big) MKV file. According to their website Vision and/or Atmos is being worked on. They talk about testing stuff with a custom Exo player in Kodi.

Should the custom Exo player you are apparently working on here https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/88485-android-mobile-3124-testing/ help with any of this ?

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