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Collections Duplicated?

DarkKniyt (John)

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DarkKniyt (John)

Weird one here.
Any help would be appreciated.
My Collections are Duplicating, but only under the Collection group.
When I select Movies, the Collection only shows once.
But, if I select Movies and then Collections, some are duplicated ( not all of them).
Or, if I just select the Collections group  I get the same thing.
Here's a screen print.
Top is from the Movies group.
Bottom is from the Movies\Collections.


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Do you have multiple versions of a star wars movie in your collection?

Example: star wars -1080p.mkv

                 star wars - 3D -1080p.mkv



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DarkKniyt (John)

Let me add - the different versions are all in the same folder.

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DarkKniyt (John)

I've done that.
When the next Scan Media Library is run the second one disappears.
Then all the movies in the collection are separated out as normal movies.

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additional info
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DarkKniyt (John)

Did as you asked to no avail.
Deleted the 2nd and 3rd Collections and then ran the media scan.
The one not deleted disappeared and the 2 movies showed up as separate movies.

I did the following (on a hunch) that fixed the issue;
Deleted the Duplicate Collections.
Added the separate movies to a New Collection, but this time I gave them a new name.
Example: "Blade Runner Collection" was the name of the duplicated collection.
I re-created it but named it "Blade Runner".
Ran the scan and still only have One "Blade Runner" collection.
Next, I renamed the Collection to "Blade Runner Collection". Same as it was originally when it kept duplicating.
Ran the scan again.
The collection did not duplicate!
I did this with the Ant-Man collection with the same results.

Could this have been caused by some type of cache issue?
I'm glad I have a work-around for it - I just hate not knowing what the cause was.

Thanks again for your quick response to this post - appreciate it!


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