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Music Video Metadata Manager


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i love having a music videos library but i felt that updating the metadata using the metadata manager was tedious, because my mp4 files are already tagged and my folder structure contains all the info that i need in the NFO files, so i wrote this python script to do the tedious parts for me.

this script will:

* autofill your NFO files (if you follow the folder structure)

* change the sort title so that your music videos are sorted in a pretty way

* walk thru your music videos and query your a musicbrainzid for each artist (i forget why i did this, i think it was part of a larger project with automatically getting artwork, but i cant remember) - you only need to do it once per artist


what you need to do:

* match my folder structure

* know how to run python script

* change line #44 of code to include your email address (musicbrainzngs.set_useragent('emby_music_video_metadata_manager','20200811','youremailhere@youremail.com')

* change line #38 of code to point to your music videos (maindir = 'a:\musicvideos')


folder structure:

---------- ## TRACKNAME.mp4

Notes:  month and day are optional... ## is album track number


i am new to python.  if you use this, its at your own risk, but it works well for me.  i have another python script relating to youtube-dl that i will be posting in the other thread i started for that soon.  you will see a bunch of commented out code in here.  i forget what i was trying to do with it.  at the end of the day, all i needed was what is in the script now to get my music video collection looking like the attached screenshot.




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