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API call to add a recorded show?

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Let's say, for some dumb reason, I need to add a show as if Emby had recorded it. So.... it would link to an existing Emby timer, and show as if Emby had recorded it, but, Emby did not record it. Perhaps I got it elsewhere and want to move it into my library, perhaps Emby failed to record, etc. Or, I have an external system triggered by Emby timers to record certain content Emby cannot. 

Is there a sequence of API calls that would allow me to add a recording file to Emby and have it link such that it has the guide data, network, etc? I presume I can't just move the recording into Emby folder as it would have all the metadata right?

Is there an API call for Emby to create a structure of folders as it normally does? Say the recording was S2E1, but, season 2 folder doesn't even exist yet?

The hope is that retention would then be honored too, how many episodes to keep.

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are you overthinking this?

if you have an episode file - obtained from another method outside of emby - so emby has no knowledge of it

then you have your script copy it to the appropriate series/season folder (or creates it if a new series/season)

on a library scan/ real time monitor event - emby will see the episode and add it as usual and add metadata (based on your library settings)

if you have the series already set to record in Emby dvr (looking at the same folders as the episode was copied to) - the settings you have will be honoured for this new "recording" so retention will work etc.....

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Was just wondering if there was a call to maintain the structure, it's not overly complicated no. I am writing the code to have emby timers schedule recordings that are done outside of Emby for technical reasons (Emby cannot record these channels due to longstanding ffmpeg limitations). 

Not clear if Emby will honor it or not, will see soon,. As, when the a new program matches a timer, I actually will mark it as cancelled and schedule it to be done outside of Emby. If it doesn't honor it I can obviously purge the oldest one based on the retention settings.  I've about got it completed. Thanks. 

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Recordings become regular library items, so just add the file to your recordings library and then you'll be good to go.

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