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Video Player - Flip Screen Horizontally and Vertically


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I play a lot with cameras, and there is a dozen of angles and situations where video needs to be recorded flipped vertically or horizontally, so I create or receive many flipped videos and samples. So for playback, external player must be used, which is a solution for now but since emby's original player is processing video to look 10x better, that solution comes with great collateral.

I know that whenever I ask for a feature, some movie watching user will take a dump on my request, but I see emby can become so much more than just organizer for Movies and TV shows.

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I actually can't think of a reason to record video flipped on purpose unless it's meant to be viewed flipped.

In any case this would be IMHO a pre-Emby job to re-orient the video before it's added to the library.

Pictures on the other hand I think should be handled automatically.

Again these are just personal opinions.  I'm curious, what's a valid reason to record video in a different orientation then intended to be viewed?

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Thats the spirit. We'll just use external players, because every player in existence has this option. That is because all those developers and users are simply stupid and crazy. You are right...

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You cannot predict what the orientation of the screen is to the user watching in relation to the orientation of the device that took that video. This means you might have your camera incorrect and because it is shot in portrait mode you wish was landscape. Now when you rotate it of course will crop. On the Roku it handles this cropping by corrupting the entire display as it wraps-around the video layer. This also means you cannot zoom on the Roku 4:3 to 16:9 with cropping. It just will not work because on Roku the video layer is wrapping values and ruins anything you expect to get clipped. It isn't clipped. It destroys your video.

But on any other player this might be possible. First it must be possible on the device/platform to even begin to rotate. Then if it is possible does it introduce horrible effects? The Roku it is possible but the horrible effects makes it completely unusable and trash.

But on any other player this might be possible and should be. There are times you wish the portrait shot video sideways could just be spun 90 degrees or 270 degrees and shown with the right part down and the right part up. In effect rotate a video shot in portrait when the phone/tablet was in landscape. You don't expect to shoot a sideways video it happens. Then why correct it when the player can?

I can see the reason the OP suggests this. You cannot predict videos other people make will not have rotation issues. When you just want to watch a video and not recode the entire thing in the correct rotation.

I have videos like this recorded on my old tablet when the rotation sensor broke.

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