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Playback fails to start: No compatible streams available

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I've not spent any time with Docker so I won't be much use to you, but it is interesting that other clients continue to work.  Are they DirectPlaying?

Can you recall what might have changed in your setup around the time that this started being an issue?

In your library folder paths, do you have 'Shared network folders' set?


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Posted (edited)

This will be a bit of a mixed reply:


All clients are playing through emby:


This has always been an issue, originally I put it down to my low powered server, but it continued with my new server.


As a solution to this issue (but mainly to play 4K content with forced subtitles), yesterday I bought an ODroid Kodi box and configured it with "Emby for Kodi". In doing so I had to change my library configuration to:


I'm splitting playback on the Samsung TV between the Kodi box and the app. Kodis lack of support for playlists and collections keeps me in the app

@SamES Do you think the addition of a shared network folder could have an effect on the Tizen App?

I'll monitor things over the next few days/weeks

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