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Suddenly cannot connect remotely?


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I have had my server running perfectly for about 3 months now, able to connect anywhere in the world and from any device via my domain name emby.XXXX.com on port 8096. However, today I went to connect remotely and was met with Connection Failure messages from all devices. I checked my network settings and the Dashboard shows that everything is still looking correct on the server side.
What I've tried:
  • Removing my custom domain, and connecting directly to my public IP address
  • Changing the port #
  • Checking to make sure the port is visible from out yonder (it is)
  • Confirming that my domain has an A Record entry point at my emby server
  • Restarting Emby
  • Restarting Windows
  • Tried on 4 different devices, 1 from a different state
  • Connecting to my local IP address from on my own network (doesn't connect)
If on the Dashboard I click the "LAN" link, it'll open Emby in Chrome. If I click the "WAN" remote link, it opens to a could not connect page. The only way to connect to my server is from the PC running it, or from it auto detecting on in-network devices. Thoughts?



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