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Emby server not keeping time correct all the time between playing once and then playing again later


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When I stop watching a video on one device and move to another device, the time is not correct between devices.



Ubuntu 18.04



  1. Windows 10
    both through a browser and the Windows app
  2. Roku
    Streaming Stick +
    Roku 2
  3. Android
    Galaxy Tab S4 tablet
    Galaxy S10+ (Rarely used)
  4. TV
    Samsung Series 7 Smart TV


On 6/2, I started watching "The Chain - Ep. 3, Sailors on the Sea of Stars.webm" on the Streaming Stick + and ended at minute 49.  Then on 6/3, I went to watch again on the same device and at that time, the "Continue Playing" said from 12 min.


I am attaching the logs from 6/2 and 6/3.


Please let me know what I am doing wrong, or fix this issue.  The reason is that this particular show is 3:50:08, and not every device makes it easy to fast forward quickly.


Thank You,


Mike LaPointe

6-2 embyserver-63726739200.txt

6-3 embyserver.txt

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From Luke:

Hi, is this consistent?


From Mike:

Not really super consistent, but more consistent than not.  For instance.  I watched more of that same show today, and it should have started at 1:16:00 and it tried to start at 13:00.  This was in the Brave browser on Windows 10.  Sometimes, maybe 10% of the time it will start properly.


Thank You,



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