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"To be announced" images in upcoming TV shows

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Recently I have been seeing a lot of "to be announced" images showing up under "upcoming TV shows" within programmes section of Live TV.


This doesn't seem to be an issue in the "on now" or "TV guide" section. All images and metadata display correctly, however when I select "upcoming TV shows" i just have a load of images saying "to be announced". Movie metadata displays fine, so does children's TV & news.


I have played about a little to try and work out why upcoming TV shows show "to be announced", however all show EPG & metadata in the TV guide. 


I have updated Emby to the latest server, reset & re-mapped all my EPG providers + channels - So have tried with UK Sky HD / SD and freeview - Still the same issue. I have tried using Schedules Direct data, which also has not fixed the "to be announced issue". If i run EPG collector to generate an xmltv file i think this works ok, but dont get as much artwork etc from XMLTV file & also the recordings / categories are a bit hit and miss. I would like to stick with Emby / Schedules Direct EPG data as i find it works really well.


Any advice? Anyone experiencing the same issue?





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Hi, this is normal sometimes. At the date gets closer to the broadcast the image will update. Please let us know if this helps. Thanks.

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