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I'm new to emby and even newer to the emby community.

Here goes my first post, hope it doesn't suck.  :P


The "recently played" music list is great, but it is missing s few key features.

There is no way (that I couldn't find) to play the list of frequently played songs. 

Am I missing something or is it just not there?


Also, a song that was not played (skipped immediately) is considered as "played".

This doesn't make much sense. 

When adding a video library you have the "Min resume percentage" option. 

This does not exist when adding a music library.  


In addition to that, it would be nice to increase the "frequently played" list to more tracks.


It would also be epic to be able to create a list of frequently played track yearly/monthly. 

I doubt the system collects this kind of data.


Thanks for reading.





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Hi there, yes we plan to make that list larger in future updates. In the meantime you can always sort all songs by play count. Thanks for the feedback.

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