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WebApp: Pass device Id as URL parameter and auto connect to that device


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it would be great if we could specify a device id in the url and have the web app automatically connect to that device for remote control.  




As part of a Home Assistant dashboard, Emby looks great embedded as a panel. If we were able to pass a device id in url, I could create separate panels for each of my media players. Click on the panel for Living Room TV, and load HA cards to control power and volume along with then Emby App with the Living Room Emby device pre-selected for casting. 


The display of the Emby app could be conditional on the TV being powered and ready for Emby to cast to it. If not ready, display a button in HA to activate a scene to power on the TV and launch Emby app, once launched load the EmbyApp and connect.


Full Smart Home control + awesome media browsing all in one place!








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Thanks ebr. 

I took a look at the available commands in remote control API but don't see anything that will work.  


What I'm hoping to do is to embed the Emby Wed App in a iFrame in Home Assistant, and am looking for a way to have that instance of the web app automatically be set to control another Emby session.  The end goal is a wall mounted tablet with a single interface to control the entire home.  Embedded Emby Web App offers a great UI to browse and que up media. 


I'm probably being a bit unreasonable here; it would just be saving two taps (clicking on the cast icon and selecting the appropriate Emby session to control).

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