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Playback : network disconnected


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First of all, thanks to the dev team for the great job you made.


My Emby server runs on Windows 10 (to test the app, waiting for a NAS).

Emby Apps run perfectly on my Android device and some laptop with Emby Theater.

I subscribed to Emby Premiere.


But this is great to see movies and TV shows on TV, right ?

So, I have installed the Samsung Orsay TV App (v 1.0.10) according this thread on my Samsung HT-D5500 (Bluray Disc Player / Home Cinema)

The browsing works fine, I launch an episode and about 60-90 sec later the playback stop with this message : Network disconnected (see attached files) and the same message appears in the logs of the app.


I don't know what else to say, tell me if you need more informations...


Thanks for your help :)





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