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Jumping in more episodes

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this happens now for some versions of the tizen App (and it also happens on ET for windows).


If you enter a episode, you get a row of "more from this season" episodes below the poster/description.


It used to work some time ago (AFAIR), when you entered that row, that the focus was set to the first unseen episode of that season (which was fine).


Now it always jumps to the first episode of the season, so you have to scroll all the way right to get to the unwatched episodes of the season (which are normally, what I want to see).


If this was changed intentionally, because someone thought it would be a good idea, please revert it back or make ii at least an option, how it works.


Thanks & Ciao, Alfred

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I don't think anyone requested that particular row jump to the first item, but there was a request that rows for chapters, actors, etc jump to the first item instead of the item which was directly below the one you were currently sitting.  The row you're talking about though makes more sense to NOT go to the first item, but to the first unwatched item.

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Yes it's something that can be improved. Thanks for the feedback.

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