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External Player - Switching ?


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Hoping someone can help


I have setup an external player (potplayer) in Emby Theatre successfully and can now launch it with a variey of configs/skins, however, each time I must edit the External Player configuaration.


Is there a way of using different external players rather than just one. 

--or-- Is there a command line to launch Emby Theatre with different external player settings

--or-- a way to defaullt to the internal player and to switch to the external player when needed



Side Note to Admin:  In my research to get my external player working I noticed a common theme of "why use an external player ?" - I must comment that I would prefer to use the Emby Player most of the time, it is very slick, but there are many occasions when I wish to use an External Player.

The ability to use an external player is the Number One reason I paid for Emby over the competition. 

The ability to send a command to an external player gives many possibilities for automation and to use many unique features of an external player for certain types of media.

For me I like potplayer for the use of slow / fast motion playback, bookmarking etc....


There are so many forms of media that can be handled in so many different ways by so many different players, however, none of these have a frontend as slick as Emby.

I believe this is a very real USP and perhaps should be promoted / developed more positively.




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1) Standard viewing watching Movies with Emby - i have to delete the external player entry (or use the web app)

2) I then must re-enter when I want to do either of the following:


a) When I wish to watch Home Movies I want Slow Motion - i have to enter potplayer profile with config for my own skin

B) When I wish to watch media on different HDMI ports ( i have 6 supplying different areas of the house ) I have to edit so the external player starts with different parameters


I have a workaround with keyboard shortcuts but it could be so much better  

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