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Title language and metadata missing or in wrong language tvdb


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My issue or goal with this post is that i would like at the very least for the show titles to be in Norwegian and ideally also all the other metadata as thetvdb often only have metadata in the original language of the show.

I have a separate library for tv-shows in my native language, The Preferred downloading language, Country and Preferred downloading language for pictures are all set to Norwegian. (under library settings).
Yet all shows are displayed with an English title and English show description, And lack the show description.


For the purposes of this post i'm referring to this show:  https://thetvdb.com/series/the-great-norway-adventure
The show title is in both Norwegian and English, The show and episode info are all in Norwegian only. I'm not sure about the pictures.

The individual episodes only have descriptions in Norwegian (on the thetvdb) and these are missing on Emby. It apears i'm only getting metadata in english instead of the chosen language.

I attempted to set the language for just this show and refresh all metadata (replacing existing) and yet there was no improvement.

It does not appear to be an issue for my movie folder set to Norwegian, So i guess this is the tvdb api.

Attached are logs for the next 6 minutes after i told Emby to refresh the metadata (replacing metadata).


Edit: nvm i found this: https://forums.thetvdb.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=60423&p=174944&hilit=norwegian#p174944

I created this post as i found this issue to be on their fixed list, but i guess not. The issue is aparantly still with thetvdb api and is limited to the Norwegian Language.

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The main grievance with thetvdb api bug was the series name showing up with some horrible english translation instead of their original titles.

Incase someone else has this issue, while we wait for TheTVDB to fix their api:
By putting TheMovieDb above TheTVDB in the metada agent list for that library i'm now getting titles in the chosen language.

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