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Extremely Slow

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Hi all,


I've been chasing a huge slowdown in Emby recently and I am stuck - Not normally one to ask for help! Browsing media takes 10-15 seconds to load images. Clicking play can take the same. It used to be instant!


I was running the latest production version when I ran into the problem but then decided to build a new Windows server and try the Beta build to try get around the problem. It has however not helped. 


Emby is running on a Windows 10 VM

Xeon D-1521 - 4 cores presented

8GB ram

SSD OS - Tested at ~200-500MB/s 


Storage is running on Freenas and is fast. Tests from the Windows VM run at ~1000MB/s anytime. Emby accesses the storage over standard SMB File shares


EmbyServer has no tasks running, one "Admin" user logged on and is constantly using 15-35% CPU. Nothing in the logs I can see?


I have also tried to store metadata with the media to try and speed things up but it has not helped.


I do have a lot of data it is looking at - Around 27Tb but this has never been an issue before?


This is my last attempt to find a solution before I wipe my installation again and try to piece it together manually vs using my backup to see if that helps.


Emby is one of 4 VMs on the same SSD / Hardware. Nothing else is running slow. 


Any suggestions or things to look at?









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Check server log for anything unusual in there or attach here after taking private details out.

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Wow - Just solved it!


Seems to be something to do with the local subnets. I removed my defined and and instantly FAST again.


Thanks for the help - Leaving this hear for anyone that has the same issue.

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