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Emby app not working of FireTV only


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I have 3 Fire TV's in the house and I've tried to connect to my local media server on all three. Here is the rundown:

  1. I'm connecting to it locally
  2. I'm not using HTTPS to no certificates are involved.
  3. I have tried through the browser on the standard port 8096 and it works fine.
  4. I tried the android app. It  works fine.
  5. I tried the LGOS app and yes it works fine too
  6. I've tried restarting the router. Server. etc.
  7. I've tried to connect through the "connect" feature. No go. I did the same thing on the LGOs app and after I logged in and submitted the pin it automatically forwarded to the next screen. This was NOT the case on the FireTV app. It just stayed on the screen with the pin. There is a next button and I tried it but it does not forward me through the setup. 
  8. I've tried to enter the address manually. It sometimes adds but when I try to select it it says its unavailable.The prompt indicates I can try to wake it or remove it. It fails at waking but I can remove it.
  9. I have sent in reports from each of the FireTVs
  10. Just for good measure I've configured port forwarding and can access the server outside the network as well. (using a browser)
  11. No I don't have any firewalls in the way. I don't use windows. IPTables is not active. Emby is running in docker on an ubuntu server. 

I've exhausted my options and come to the conclusion by the process of elimination that the FireTV application is broken. The application version is 1.7.92a it seems. It was working previously. Yesterday I believe? Any help or guidance for next steps would be appreciated. I'm at the end of my rope.


Thanks in advance!

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So this is a new issue?


Previously you have had all 3 Fire TV's running ok?


And that chanhe was yeaterday?


.92 has been out a while now so your Fires will have updated previously NOT yesterday unless you restrict them.


Anything else that changed between them working and not working?






A 'like' is always appreciated!

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Hi.  Did your server update, perhaps?


Is the IP address shown on your server dashboard for local access correct (the same one you use in the web browser)?


Have you tried connecting manually with the correct IP address?


It sounds like maybe the server is reporting an incorrect local IP address to the app.  It seems like we've seen that a few times recently with the latest update.

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Hi! Thanks for the reply!


I checked my dashboard and your right the internal IP address it's reporting is incorrect. With some fiddling and a couple restarts that was the ticket.


Thanks so much for your suggestion! For anyone looking on how to set the local IP. Under server you click Network in the admin console.



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