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Auto-Organize by show air date(Daily Show, Colbert Report)


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Is there any way to have the auto organize feature in the case that there is no Season number and episode number use the aired date to bring back the metadata and rename it with the proper season/episode and move it correctly?


I record NBC Nightly News, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report. I am able to copy them to their respective Show folders and view them from the client but I have no metadata or information with any of them when viewed in the clients. IIn the name of the file there is just the air date and in the case of Colbert and Daily show who the guest was.



NBC Nightly News-2014-05-25.mp4

The Colbert Report-2014-05-01 Saul Williams.mp4

The Daily Show-2014-05-01 David Spade.mp4





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at the moment there needs to be a season number from tvdb. expansion options are being considered.

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Hello everyone!
I would love to see more tags/options added to Auto-naming.  I absolutely love the Auto-Organize feature!


@@Luke - You and your team have done a marvelous job with MB and it's associated apps!

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thetvdb actually has the season and episode as well as the air date.  Does thetvdb not have a query by air date?

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