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MS- A Search for Subtitle files when they are missing


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This feature would be using not so much for the whole movie, but more so when watching movies like "The Godfather" where there are extensive scenes not in english.  Meaning without the subtitles, makes it pretty hard to follow along :)



This would be a auto search  like metadata, when the subtitles are missing.   I'm mostly thinking of movies like the Godfather or others.  Not movies that are solely in english just for other language subtitles 

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Captain Philips is another one, but its hard to know. We can only check if there is a subtitle stream, we have no way of knowing if the film is not all in english. Usually most films embed these subtitles.


As you may well know most streams are not tagged correctly the are mostly undefined so this produces more problems. I can only think that if the subtitle files themselves were labelled as "foreign scenes only" or something like that could we catch it.


Maybe Snazzy is already looking into this with his current subtitle plugin.

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Koleckai Silvestri

System searches when movies are added based on your subtitle preferences under Metadata -> Subtitles. It displays them based on your preferences assigned to the user which can be set by clicking the user icon in the web client and selecting my preferences. You can search for individual items in the Metadata Editor.


An additional scheduled task to search could come in handy, but the provider only allows 200 requests per day.


If you only want foreign language subtitles, look for those marked as Forced.

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