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Local trailers not working


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Emby Server on QNAP.

Kodi is 18.6 on Shield (Android TV)

Emby Plugin - latest stable (can't remember version)


It seems like local trailers stopped working (again). Either not working entirely or else they are prioritized lower than YouTube links.


I have tested my Emby Client on the same box, and here the local trailers are prioritized first, so it is definitely related to the Emby for Kodi plugin. 


Myself and other also reported this exact same issue a 1-2 years back (if I recall correctly). So maybe an idea would be to have a rule in your coding that says if local trailer exist then this is played and not try streaming from Internet.  :)



* UPDATE 29.03.2020 * 

I don't know if you already fixed this, but it seems my local trailers are now playing again  :)  :)  :)

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