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SUBRIP takes tame to appear


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Hi, I'm using last Emby version on Linux casting to Chromecast Ultra.


Have no problem with SRT subtitles, but subrip take tame to appear, sometimes 10 seconds, sometimes 20 minutes. The video plays perfectly the whole time.


The only thing I believe correlates with that is that when subtitles load properly the video status I see from emby android app refreshes in real time, and when not, the time remains still (I can still control the video via stop, pause, audio, etc) disabling/enabling subtitles on the fly doesn't change the behaviour.


Any idea of what can be happening?


Thanks you!


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@@Alefielm, for some devices, we extract the subtitles on the fly and sometimes this can take a little time. That's the reason they don't always appear initially.


But we do save the result for next time so that we don't have to do it again for the same video. In case you're wondering, external subtitles will always be the most efficient, and our subtitle download features can help you acquire some if you wish.


Please let us know if this helps. Thanks.

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