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Emby fanart not (always) working with Kodi


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  • 3 months later...

Still struggling with fanart in Kodi with Emby.

I have all fanart now as Kodi needs it to be to have it working and Emby creates it it this way now without the extrafanart folders.

So I thought it should be working now but it still shows only one or at the most two images and than it stops cycling.

Today I tried the option "Cache all artwork" and than Kodi crashes and is my Shield TV not responding anymore until I restart the Shield TV. I tried it two time with the same result.

Is it necessary to cache the artwork to get it working in Kodi? I have seen before that it helped a little but not for  all tv shows.

When I check the fanart I can Choose in Kodi I see all fanart available so I really don't get it why it won't cycle more than 1 or 2 fanart images.


kodi.old.log kodi.log

2020-11-16 15_41_30-Window.png

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