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EMC Emby Classic crashing after server & Client upgrade.


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It has been 5 days since my upgrade to the latest server version, which required me to upgrade to beta Emby classic verson. 3.0.317.0.  Server log is attached here.. (i am not sure if their is client log as well someplace)  I am running windows 7 on both.


Problem is as follows:


When you start Emby classic it connects quickly, and stays on the first tab showing no images... when I move to different tab (like TV shows), it will come to life after few minutes with imags, but when you open tab, it shows nothing.  when you go back and navigate to movies tab (and I have over 7000), Emby classic crashes with error (Invalid Application, Unable to launch "emby" ).  All other platforms seems to work (web browser, android mobile, android TV), but i have noticed that the sort by date added is completely wrong, which maybe a different issue all together.


Steps i took to upgrade.


I only upgraded the server because the old server stopped supporting the android clients.  I downloaded the windows server from the website, and started the install.  it installed fine.


Then, after starting the server, i noticed it took up all available memory (15GB size of emby server on task manager)


I read on the forum that windows 7 must be up to date... So, I did that..  the memory leak stopped.


Then i noticed the client took minutes to log in.. I read on the forum that I need beta version of Emby Classic.


So, i upgraded to beta version..    Now I am all out of ideas... please help..


Many thanks


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Hi.  It is hard to tell exactly where it is going wrong but I did see at least one time-out trying to retrieve data from the server.


I'm not sure why a server upgrade would have manifested a problem but EMC is definitely not well optimized for very large libraries.  It was originally created as a stop-gap solution until Emby Theater was ready (years ago).


Have you considered making the move to the newer platforms?

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Hello Chief,


To be honest, i belong to the thinking of "if it ain't broken, ...." mentality, that and the fact that i am using my WMC for TV / Music / and Photo's, and those are working just as expected makes me not look at new platform.  I have tried the Android platform for Emby, but I prefer the feel of a remote control in my hands and a screen that everyone can share.


That said, I guess I will have to start looking at alternatives sooner or later.


By the way, my movies collection did not increase since the upgrade, and the old server and old client handled the collection just fine.


I am wondering if it is to do with the updates.. Do I have to also make sure the client PC, which is windows, is also up to date?  I will do that just in case, although, every time I enable Microsoft Windows update, I end up breaking my windows setup...   Microsoft have mastered the ability to frustrate their users...


Apart from the updating of the PC on latest windows 7.. What else can I do to get basic emby functionality on my WMC?


many thanks. 

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Hello Chief,


OK.. I have now have the server and the client on the most uptodate windows 7 stuff....



I have also noticed.. Emby server sits on the windows machine with only around 400mb memory on the task manager for a long time, and when i start the Emby Classic on the other windows 7, this goes to 10gb of memory on the task manager.  The server machine almost runs out of resources... something is not right...


Any help is really appreciated... thanks guys

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Hello Guys,


OK.. I am getting to the bottom of this...  Two Major Issues that I have, and one of them is a show stopper.. 


I have just confirmed that both my machines, server and client are up to date on windows 7... (So, Microsoft is in the clear)


I have also confirmed that the Emby server sits on the task manager at 180mb of memory until you start the Emby classic, and then it shoots up into the gigabytes...  after 2 minutes, it is already 2.5gb of memory on task manager.  


after about 5 minutes of doing nothing, emby classic (just start it and leave it) will crash with the same message as above.


The server also changes all Added date into the date you upgrade your server.. and that's all the movies which are over 7000 for me... they are all have the 20 of Feb as added date..  I will start a new support topic with this just to help others and to try to resolve it.


So... my emby is broken right now... What should I do... spend 5 days trying to restore my system to previous backup or there is a chance of fixing this show stopper issue.... sorry guys if i seem frustrated, but upgrading is really painful every time.  that's why I avoid it.

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Hello Chief, 


Clearly I am the only one that facing problems connecting my Emby Classic beta into my newly upgraded server, therefore, I must have a problem, and it can't be the size of the database, as it was working just fine before the upgrade...



Can you please help.. It is now 10 days with the whole system down... 


if it is not fixable, just let me know and I will spend few days restoring disk image (that's another thing i don't understand.. why is disk image soooo slow) :)


Thanks Chief.

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Hello Chief,


So, i created a brand new user, and the result was the same..  I really would not consider a fresh install as that would mess up everything and gets me into a bigger hole.


So, I deleted my over 7000 movie and only kept 20, and guess what... after re scan, that worked fine..  So.. the problem is, The beta client is broken, and can't handle the same number of movies as the released client (i guess thats why they call it beta).  The released client handled my movie collection just fine on the old server.


It could also be a combination of "broken" between the client and server, as with 7000 movies... the Client will break, and it will also break the server, as on the server side, it will memory leak and consume all the RAM and give resources issues until you shutdown the server.


So, sadly, it is the end of line for Emby Classic.  I will restore to my old setup, and keep using it on WMC platform only.  I will look at Emby Theatre, but the last time i looked at it, it left a lot to be desired.  It looks pretty, but does not do basic function of music listening, and photo and video function as WMC does...  (someone needs to use both, and once they replicate the way to use WMC, then emby theatre will be success.


I also should add a topic on the limitation of the Emby Classic Beta limitation of number of movies, in comparison to the released version to help others who have not upgraded yet...  they should not.

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I also should add a topic on the limitation of the Emby Classic Beta limitation of number of movies, in comparison to the released version to help others who have not upgraded yet...  they should not.


I doubt it is related to the beta of EMC as that just has changes to adjust to new server versions but, as I said, this app was never properly optimized for libraries of that size.

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Hello Chief,


Thanks for your reply, and I am back on my Emby server  :) , and it is working...  I am still waiting on the client disk image to finish installing... it takes a looooong time.  BUT...  I have good news, and bad news... 


Good news... your EMC beta client does not have any issues with a 7929 movies in a database, and it will handle it well.... 


Bad News, your EMC beta client is broken when it comes to EHC or something views (can't look it up as machine is restoring.), and when disabled, the client will works fine.



Before i started my client restore.. I did some testing on the EMC beta and the server, and I have some interesting results to share with you as I believe it will help the whole community.


OK... in Summary... It is not just a problem with the EMC beta client... I strongly believe the new server is seriously BROKEN, and lacks testing on the EMC client...  here is my reasons.


** So, when i had the server and EMC beta client.. the following will happen.

    When you start the client, the server will go crazy on memory leak, and bring your server machine to a stop.  It consumes all the resources on both the client and the server.   if it is only the client that's broken, why should the server start a memory leak to 16gb of RAM??  clearly, the server was not tested on the EMC client, beta or otherwise.


*** So, now I have the server and EMC beta client... the following will happen...

     When you start the client, the server will connect and stay the same around 400mb memory RAM without any leaks.  The client on the other hand will do nothing for few minutes, and then spring a leak and consume all my client 12gb RAM, and the whole computer will freeze due to lack of resources as processes goes as high as 60 70%.


     I could tell the issue was something to do with the views, as sometimes it will come back, but will not show the thumbnails of the movies, so i went to configuration, and disable the EHC (or something and made the views dumb- kind of), and then the EMC client worked every time without any problems and handled the almost 8000 movies like a dream.  So, It is broken, and it is broken somewhere in the views department, and not in other areas.


I am disappointed as this shows that very very little testing went into the EMC client & server together.  As you can see,  just a little testing gave me this results that other people can benefit from.


I understand that Microsoft is no longer supporting windows 7, and their reason is to make money from windows 10, but EMBY team will not benefit from ditching the support for EMC client.  Let us not forget that is how MediaBrowser started (my first install must have been 2009 or 2010 - i can't remember).


I understand that moving forward WMC users will have to change, but at the same time, I don't think I am the only user of WMC and EMC client out there.  You don't hear from them as they are happy with their system, even when it looks dated.


WMC platform users don't need to upgrade, but i feel you are forcing us... as I was happy with my until someone decided to make the Android mobile platform to reject this server, when Android TV still works fine.. NOT an Android issue clearly.  Just someone is being mean.)


At a minimum, EMBY team should come out and advice all WMC and EMC clients to stay put on whatever version they have, as EMBY team is no longer supporting the WMC platform.  That would save people a lot of pain.


This is not a reflection on you Chief or Luke, but telling people to upgrade to a system that's not tested properly, will only make users resent the Emby team and Emby brand... 


Overall, it was a painful experience, but i am happy i am going back to my working setup as i have backups.  And i will be happy to help if you guys need any testing to be done in the future, as i have old platform and huge database.


All the best...

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Hi.  When it comes to EMC the "beta" version of the app is actually the version that is designed for servers beyond 3.5.  The release version is for the older servers.


So, your testing with the beta of EMC against the older version of the server was never an intended configuration.


I understand this may not be obvious but this is the best way we have right now of providing a stable version of EMC for people keeping their server stable at 3.5 and also provide a version that works with the 4.x line of the server.



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