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Everything great till I paid for the app w in app purchase


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Hello all,


I was most impressed with the server software installed on my Mac Mini and extremely impressed  that it found my Oppo 103d as a DMR and I was able to use my iphone and have it play to the "device" Oppo. all without ip addresses etc.  


Then it said that it couldn't transcode with out the paid update even though the Oppo could handle the the codec I was trying to stream to it.


But I was so impressed so far that I did the one time 4.99 in app after returning from the iOs app store the Oppo is gone now under devices. No matter how much I reboot the Mac mini server or the Ippo and the iphone.

The Oppo is gone under devices, I even tried when the oppo was connected to the mac mini running emby and streaming to it (the oppo).


The help section on devices is of little to no help on how to reconnect, scan or add a device manually.


I was able to see a disconnect under recent activity and it shows an 192.xxx address with a .dmr.xml at the end

How can I have Emby see the DMR or add manually now that I have the IP.dmr.xml



Wow I've never paid for an upgrade that took away functionality so much. Loved Emby  before I paid now not so much.


Any help or pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated at this point




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@@haoleman, we're really sorry to hear about this. Are you still having an issue with this? Can you please try again with the new Emby Server 4.4. release?

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