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Users and Chromecast


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I am fiddling about with some voice commands using Tasker and its menagerie of plugins on top of swagger and some python code, attempting to tell my various tvs to play the next episode of or shuffle 'x' series or 'y' movie. 
I have the core code and actions set. (it works near perfectly on my Roku with some outliers due to naming collisions). What I am struggling with is 2 things, my Chromecast and user authentication.

I have tried both user auth methods listed in UserService, I get the 204 response, but no change appears to take place on any of my devices. My goal here, is to say "Play Paw Patrol as <My Daughter's Name> in living room" or "Play Iron Man as <My Name> in Basement"


The other issue is trying to get Emby on my Chromecasts. I can obviously do it with a physical button press no issues, but I cannot find a way to do it programmatically nor with Tasker. AutoInput seems to have an issue with the Emby Android app, non of the Elements are clickable by that plugin.


Has anyone found any solutions to one or both (crosses fingers) of these, no matter how hacky (you should see my python library, I don't think I have written anything that is not hacky)


Thanks in advance.

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Hi please watch this video. It will show you how to cast to device with Tasker.



And here is ME using the same this with emby! :)


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I actually saw those, but for whatever reason Auto input doesn't want to work with emby on my device. I get "element is not clickable" or something like that when I try. I even tried "borrowing" the cast button from youtube lol



Edit: I got it... by guessing x,y coords and forcing portrait mode. lol

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