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Android: pinch to zoom/crop


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It would be great to be able to pinch to zoom the video so it fills the screen on Android. I have a lot of older 3:2 ratio TV shows and watching them with such large black borders is quite annoying.

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Hi there, have you explored the settings in the video player menu?


Folks are getting used to super tall/wide screens on phones, and the pinch to zoom touch functionality is the obvious method.

I'm seeing kids as young as 4 using pinch to zoom, it's the way to go.


Features are being removed in the name of functionality for new users. Well here's one I doubt many would have issue with. So long as you don't remove the method that's already there.

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would like to zoom on my tablet which is 16:10 while watching 16:9 content quick.

additionally: save the setting. every time i stop playback emby app "forgets" that i want the image to be scalen / zommed / cropped

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