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Routing traffic through an SSH tunnel


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Hi All,


I'm running Emby server on Hetzner server but the speed are terrible to my home. I'm in Australia.


I been hearing from the plex guys about creating SSH tunnel. 


Plan is to get VPS in Australia.


I had look at this guide but it is for plex. If anyone can offer some ideas or tips. Much appreciated. 


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I don't see why it wouldn't work for Emby as well, there's nothing specific to plex in that other than setting the URL to the tunnel within plex.  I'd just follow those instructions, and manually set the external URL/port to the new ssh tunnel within Emby.


Out of curiosity, why do you think an SSH tunnel will improve performance?  SSH tunnels are notoriously slower due to the encryption overhead, etc.  If you're suspecting traffic shaping, SSL would probably be easier/more effective.

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It has been setup and working now. Its not so the traffic shaping. Its peering in Australia which is terrible.


Definitely the streams are much faster now. 


I do have another issue which is Emby sees all devices as local and tries to stream at maximum bw.  

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