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Problems setting up multi-episodes


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I'm having problems getting Emby to recognise multi-episodes properly (more than 1 episode per video file). I am running the latest beta version.

I have tried removing the files (including nfo's), rescan library, and have tried re-adding manually and via 'auto organise' plugin, but the video files are always displayed with the filename (Show name - 1x01-x02 - episodes names) and because or this, no episode synopsis are downloaded.

This may be related to the issue: I have compared the nfo file with single episode nfo files, and notice that the multi-episode nfo's are not showing season/episode numbers

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Although the naming convention you've used is shown in the article on naming (though with two digits for the season), I wonder if there's an issue with it.  Certainly I have no problem with s01e01-e02 which works perfectly, so I guess you could try that just to see. (I don't use .nfo files, so I can't comment on that part)



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Ah well, it was just a thought...  Better just wait for the devs, I guess.  But I suppose you could check that the show name is identical in the directory name, and that you are using season sub-folders, as those both seem to make identification more reliable.



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I've partly resolved it.

Using the info in the nfo's file from this post: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/78937-multi-episode-file-not-registering-second-episode/, the episodes are displaying correctly, but episode synopsis still isn't being added (refreshed missing metadata, and did a library scan)

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Added season 1 and episode 1 to the metadata editor, but is showing episode 2 as missing (did a library scan). I have filed in the synopsis manually as it wasn't retrieved



Nfo file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <plot>A man infected with a deadly virus boards Quantum Airlines flight 66 in Frankfurt, Germany. The US government must stop the plane before it lands at JFK International Airport</plot>
  <outline />
  <dateadded>2009-10-24 19:09:00</dateadded>
  <title>Episode 1, Episode 2</title>
  <director>Eric Laneuville</director>
    <poster>/share/CACHEDEV4_DATA/TV/TV/Pandora's Clock/Season 1/Pandora's Clock - 1x01-x02 - Episode 1, Episode 2-thumb.jpg</poster>
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