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Emby Theater: add additional shortcut keys for Channel change and User switching

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As there are apparently no keyboard or remote keys for being able to change channel (as mentioned by Luke on this thread: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/79408-what-are-the-keyboard-shorcuts/ )

Can I please request that these be added as a matter of urgency. Theater for windows/xbox does not have a guide overlay and without being able to use channel up and down buttons means you have to back out of the stream, back to the guide and then select a channel from there and wait for it to start. Basic 'feature' that any set-top box should have is a up/down channel button.


Whilst you are there can a shortcut be made to quickly switch users, or at least bring up the settings strip menu you normally get when you navigate and click your profile picture.

At the moment to switch user you have to have a minimum of 5-6 click of a remote or keyboard to be bale to navigate there.


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You have mentioned before about the channel buttons but can you confirm you will be adding one for user change (or at least changing the layout so its easier to get to the log-out/change user setting)?

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As mentioned a few times, if you are using theater solely with a remote it takes several navigational clicks to make your way to the top bar and be able to change user, past home and favorites and the search icon until you reach your user icon where a further click brings up the settings row of circle icons where it is still 3 more clicks left to reach the logout icon.


If we can have a shortcut key on the keyboard we can map to on our remote would be ideal.

Other suggestions might be to implement the select user screen after coming back from the screensaver or simply moving the logout icon to the front of the row of circle setting icons.

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