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Adjust time for skip forward and backward in Emby Theater?


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Can one change the 30 second skip forward/10 second backward times Emby Theater skips forward or backward when those buttons (or alternately the left/right buttons) are pressed on the remote? (or corresponding keys on keyboard?)


Background: Using Win7 MCE, I was able to change those buttons time to 15 seconds forwards and 7 seconds backward (my preferred amounts for watching football, which is one of the few shows I still watch in the Living Room). 


I'm now thinking of finally transitioning to Emby Theater & Emby Server LiveTV due to the Windows 7 EoL and no more MCE Guide after next week.


I've been testing ET on my MCE box to see what might work after years of a stable system (Thanks Luke & team!). Looking at going to a Linux htpc install with ET vs Win 10 with either ET or the MCE port. 


I did look through the github source code for Emby Theater to see if I could spot an easy fix, but I think the number of seconds might be server determined? It appeared that it just got a new URL with a new seek time passed to it. (If so, perhaps this is more appropriate as a server feature request?)


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You can use the Playback settings to adjust the skip back/forward in 5 second increments. The option is available in all clients, but I believe once you set it in one place it's the same on all clients.


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Thank you! Those increments will do.


I'm guessing it is user specific rather than client specific since I had to click on the user icon (just to to the left of the gear icon) to find the playback menu option in the browser, which is where I do most of my admin stuff.


Since the screenshots would be different for the web client than Emby Theater, I'm mentioning that tip for the next person with this question.

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