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Kodi reporting wrong movie while watching


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Have experienced a few times that Kodi is reporting a different movie being watched in the dashboard. My son is currently watching Sleeping Beauty but in the dashboard it shows that Peanuts is being watched. His movies don't get synced to my Trakt but I have ha another case where a different movie is being reported to Trakt than the one I'm watching. 


It's not completely random I believe because the case with my Trakt, I started that movie earlier in the day for only 30 seconds or so. But I don't have logs from that time unfortunately. 


I'm not sure if this is a Kodi issue or if it's with the server.




While writing this I talked to my gf and she said that she started Peanuts by mistake for like 1 second, turned it of and started Sleeping Beauty. But it's still reporting as Peanuts. 





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