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Video freezes/pauses under certain circumstances


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Hi! I run Emby Premiere v. on a Synology DS918+.


A beloved video freezes under certain circumstances. At 6 min 11 sec mark it freezes never to be recovered again. The only way is to start from scratch but it still freezes at the same time mark. I can skip forward for up to two minutes without a problem. Any more and the video freezes beyond saving (except starting over from scratch).


This happens no matter if I have Hardware Acceleration on or off but it does so only in Windows 10 1909 with Emby Theater v. and Google Chrome v. 78.0.3904.108. When using the Android app (Emby for Android Mobile 3.0.87) it works near flawless and I can skip forward in the video without a hiccup.


Any idea what might be the reason for this? Would you be helped with some logs (if so, please specify which one/ones) or anything else?

Any help on this issue is much welcome. Thanks! //Sebastian


PS. Some technical details regarding the video file:

The video file is:

Title720p H264






Aspect ratio16:9




Bitrate23,478 kbps

Color primariesbt709

Color spacebt709

Color transferbt709

Bit depth8 bit

Pixel formatyuv420p

Ref frames1




TitleEnglish DTS 5.1 (Default)



ProfileDTS-HD MA


Channels6 ch

Sample rate48,000 Hz

Bit depth16 bit




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I would guess the media is being transcoded in the ET store app and Chrome.


Please post the server and ffmpeg log if present for the media played. 

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I've attached all the logs I think might be of interest. Was amazed to see how many ffmpeg logs have been produced in a short period of time.

Below is a brief summary what I tested just now to hopefully find in the logs. Today I had a different place where the stream freezed between Chrome and Theatre. The earlier point have frozen before but yesterday it was mostly the longer one at 6m.


I hope this helps you out:


23:10 Restarted Emby Server

23:11 Start stream from beginning in Chrome

At 3m 8s in the stream freezes. Cannot go back ten seconds with the button. Stream has completely frozen.


23:16 Start stream from beginning in Emby Theatre

At 6m 11s in the stream freezes. It is possible to go back ten seconds and rewatch but as soon as 6m 11s hits it freezees completely again.


A few  minutes later I started the Android app and it picked up from 6m 11s no problem. Going back 30s no problem and it continues on well.


Anything else I can do or test? Thanks for the help!









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Hi! Yes I have. I get the problems with freezes in both Chrome and Emby Theater as I tried to explain in my previous posts.


One of the files I attached is namned ffmpeg-remux-66025fb5-1e8e-4b3d-9b52-c73f98f9ad03_1.txt and has App: Emby Theater

Windows in it. So it should be captured there what happened in Theater? Or are there other files for this?
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Ok. This is embarrassing. The version I had of Emby Theater was which I guess must be ancient like the dinosaurs in comparison to 3.0.10 now installed...

I will redo all the tests and let you know...

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At first run with version 3 (as opposed to 1) everything seems fine. I will do some more extensive testing. Where are the logs now? It seems that embyserver.txt is the logfile now with version 3?


I would have been interesting to make some kind of comparison in the logs. I guess there are some substantial changes from and 3.0.10  :huh:  :rolleyes:



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Guest asrequested

They are different apps, not versions of the same app. They use different players, and have very different capabilities.

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Ok. It's confusing that they share the name. Can you point me to any documentation that explains which should be used for what?

So far the 3 app is working way much better than the 1 app. I can't see the use for 1 right now so therefore my question.



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Guest asrequested

The main difference is the store app (1), uses the Windows OS player (limited support for media). And the desktop app (3), uses mpv as it's player




mpv has much greater capabilities, and doesn't depend on external codecs. If you look in the desktop app, you'll see there are more settings available.

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I see. Thanks :)

The store app really should be renamed to Emby Broken Theater or Emby Theater Light.  Not sure why I even installed the Store app.

Is there really even one app in there that works well? It doesn't look like it from my experience. Oh well.


Thanks again!

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I do realize this. Thanks for the clarification. For a less technical user it might help to include in it's name that it is light/limited.

I really think the two very different apps should have that reflected in their names. It's not always easy to remember what you installed from the Store and what you installed via Desktop.


That's my two cents.


Thanks for your help  :)

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