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Get prior server version for ember


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How do I get the version of EMBY server for Qnap Prior to  This version doesn't seem to be working correctly and I would like to test the prior version on a different QNap server

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Hi there, what problem are you having?



I Have set up a music cd collection on the QNap. I have created several Emmy Music Libraries given them the appreciate names and pointed them to the correct folder on the QNAP. I have done this several times and all the collections are working. With the Update to the EMBY server when I go through the same procedure the Emby shows that the albums are empty and so are the suggestions. The folder view shows the CD's in the folder I pointed at and I can play from there.  My older QNap installs are on a backup and I could retrieve them but it takes awhile so I thought I could get them from the EMBY site. I have several QNap servers so I that I would test the prior version and see if it works correctly and then do an upgrade and see if it fail or is it something I did.   I am also about to install Emby sever on a Synology;ogy and see what that does but of course it will be the current version also.  BTW all the old EMBY CD Libraries work as the did when installed



Addendum  I just installed the current version on a Synology (Which contain the backup for the audio files I am attempting the use) and it works correctly. I plan to install the prior version on another QNap see if it work and then upgrade and see what happens



Addendum 2  Installed old version on another server and it worked correctly. Updated to current version and it also work correctly. Problem seems to be with the installation/configuration and the main server. I am going to uninstall Emby and reinstall and see if that helps. Question? does uninstalling remove old configuration files or do I have to manually delete them?

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does uninstalling remove old configuration files or do I have to manually delete them?




It will leave the server's program data folder behind, so you'll need to delete that manually. Let us know how you get on. Thanks.

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