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Emby android playback problem changing network from wifi to LTE


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Android 9 Emby 3.0.87



Using Android app with Wifi, playing a song, everything fine, also caching.

When changing network to LTE, app stops caching, playing stops at the end of puffered data - next song not possible.


The other way round - LTE to Wifi - works fine.


This is a big playback problem, because when start listing inside and moving outwords, the connection type changes and playback stops.


The only solution right now is NOT using Wifi at all.


Attached log-file. Mobile listing should start at line 700. I don't see, why emby stops after network connection changes.

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Hi, yes if you're changing networks during playback there is still room for improvement for us to make there. Thanks.

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Thanks for your fast replay.

Yes, because there are lots of network changes e.g. driving through a city... And I always have to shut down the app and restart everything, finding the last playback point and so on. It is very annoying. Should be listed high on your agenda.

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