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Transcoding with EPYC 3101?


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Hey Folks,


I am considering to replace my Synology with a Debian or OMV based Homeserver. Currently I use Emby in Docker on a DS216+II and use it only for metadata. Playback is nearly 100% done by my Kodi client via the the kodi addon with native playback over samba shares.


When I replace this NAS I would appreciate if I can use my server to use transcode for playback from the browser if I am connected to my home network via VPN on the road.


I often read that one should get a Intel CPU with IGP and quick sync, but I wonder if this small EPYC like on the EPYC3101D4I-2T could handle transcodes via Emby in Docker for one device at a time.

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For quick sync I would need Emby premiere, wouldn't I?

Because I don't have it and and currently if  remember right it's not working properly.


Yes you would need Emby Premiere.

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