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Kodi/Emby can't create playlist, therefore can not play and/or shuffle entire shows.


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I hope this hasn't been done yet. I tried searching, but maybe I lack the proper terms.


This exact problem exists on two separate devices:

1. RaspeberryPi 3+ w/ LibreElec Leia 9.2.0

2. Windows 7HP desktop w/ Kodi 18.4


Both running the Emby addon from the Beta repo that's current as of this writing. (4.1.16 on the desktop; unsure of Pi, as I'm not sitting in front of it right now, but I assume the same.)


The desktop PC is also what's running my Emby server v4.3.0.30. Right now, this is what I'm sitting in front of, so it's where my primary focus will be.


Whenever I'm in my list of shows, and I open the context menu (if using either device) on a particular show, or press play from the remote (if using Pi) with a show selected, nothing happens. Sometimes a spinner will appear, sometimes not, but the end result is that no episodes get played, almost as if they did not exist. It's the same for every one of 40+ shows.


If I try to manually create the playlist (context>queue item), it just doesn't create the list.


Even stranger is that I can navigate to any one episode of any season of any show, push play (or use context menu), and watch each one individually - so they're definitely there.


Even stranger than that is there's another Pi in the house - a 2B+ - still running Kodi Krypton with the Beta addon and it works flawlessly, day after day.


The Desktop PC was still on Krypton until last weekend. I did a fresh install of Kodi, and a fresh install of the addon. It worked fine until a few hours ago, but now behaves like the Pi3 has been behaving, which leads me to believe that it's not a settings or a skin issue or addon conflict. (Different skins, different settings on each.) But I could be wrong.


Does anybody have any idea what's going on here?


I've already:

* Reset/rebuilt local libraries on both machines

* Done fresh installs of *everything* on both machines


And this behavior returns every time.


These log files are taken from a fresh session on the dektop - open, connect, navigate to item, try to play, fail.

Kodi log: https://paste.kodi.tv/biyawicoka

Embyserver.txt: https://paste.kodi.tv/emiposaten

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Slight update:

Oddly enough, it's a skin issue. Or, more likely, an issue with one of the dependencies that gets installed when additional Kodi skins are used.


  • I did another fresh install of Kodi & Emby addon on my desktop PC.
  • Everything was working fine (with regard to playing entire shows from the show list) using the default skin.
  • Installed the Embuary skin, because why not? 
  • Everything still worked fine.
  • Installed a couple other skins to try out.
  • Shows no longer play from the list - playlists don't get created, but I can still navigate to individual episodes and play them one by one.
  • Tried disabling the various addons that these skins come bundled with (Up Next, Extended Info, YoutubeDL, etc) - nothing changes.
  • Uninstall all skins except Kodi default and Embuary
  • Shows will now queue and play again.


I don't know if it's worth posting a log again or not, since I've been messing with this for like an hour now, but here they are:


Kodi log: https://paste.kodi.tv/uwazimibew


part 1: https://paste.kodi.tv/acuyufoluw

part 2: https://paste.kodi.tv/osuvawaxov

part 3: https://paste.kodi.tv/emekulosoq


Like I said, embyserver.txt was huge and I had to split it up into 3 parts. Hopefully this shows something.

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Which skins did you install? You skipped over the most important piece of information?


Also can you try updating to 18.5? That's the latest version of Kodi Leia.


Also the dependency that might be causing issues is script skin helper which is not maintained.

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1. Aeon Nox is the one I want to (and do normally) run, but I've also tried others - Aeon MQ8, Aura, Transparency, and Amber.

2. OK. In process.

3. I've pretty much narrowed it down to that one, too. But the TV Show Next Aired addon is also a strong possibility. That one actually throws error messages on the screen on a regular basis.


Right now, I'm running both my Desktop and my Pi3 with the Embuary skin, and have no issues. But like I said earlier, my Pi2b+ is running Krypton with the Aeon Nox skin, the beta addon, all those same addons/dependencies (including the skin helper one), and doesn't have (and has never had) any issues at all.


I'll report back after I update Kodi and see if there are any changes.


Quick edit to say: I just checked, and with the Embuary skin active, the skin helper service is installed, enabled, and does not have the option checked in the settings under 'misc.' to "disable 'skin helper service' addon packages.

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Because with Kodi Leia and Krypton, playback does not start in the same way. With Leia they rewrote playback completely and so we had to make a few changes and thats why you are not getting the same results.


Saw your edit, @@sualfred



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