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Create API key from within a plugin


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Yes so it is the AuthKeys endpoint in sessionService. You can create an app with POST.


Then use GET, to get the apps API Key that is auto generated

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I don't see one you're right.


                using (await HttpClient.Post(
                        new HttpRequestOptions
                            Url = "/Auth/Keys?App=" + app.Name,
                            CancellationToken = CancellationToken.None,
                            EnableHttpCompression = false,

Does that work?

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Wow, didn't know that.

So i asume that it also was no mistake by you that you didn't provide a host and port in the request?



Well thats the thing I'm not sure about. It would have to be tested.


The ApiClient object would already be authenticated. I'm pretty sure.


EDIT: upon further inspection... I might not be correct.

Edited by chef
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