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Adding website as source

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Hi.  You cannot do this directly.


You could either use something that allows you to mount the remote location such that it looks like a part of your file system (rclone) or you may be able to use the IPTV plug-in.

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It is possible if you scrape the webistes and make a bunch of strm files of them. and we are in legal business.

then you can do a file comparison to not have duplicates, check for tags like HC TS and stuff and delete the low quality. and then we have "high" quality streams

and to fix those annoying trailers, disable cinema experience


for people who want to replicate what i have done:

i used filechef to find the generous hosts

then i wrote a simple python script to scrape all the sites and create strm files for each movie/episode

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Just FYI, website scraping for content like this is generally illegal in many countries (unless expressly allowed by the site).  Your example above should be fine since it is from blender (one of the few sites that would allow this)  Proceed at your own discretion.



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